Monday, October 14, 2013

7 Day Challenge - Sleep

Kindel @ Willow White, started a 7 Day Challenge. She posted 5 goals to accomplish in 7 days.

Now I think this is a great idea. I mean, posting x number of goals for a month can be motivating for some, but for others, if you fail a majority of those goals, it can make you feel flat, deflated & less motivated to try again.

I've tried the monthly goal thing more than once, but the 7 day challenge sounds like an easier way to keep track of what you want to accomplish. Now I'm not planning on posting a goal per day (eg 5 or 7 per week). That would just defeat the purpose. I thought 1 goal every 7 days (considering 'they' say it takes 21 days to create a habit [even though Google disagrees]). That way, I just have to concentrate on one goal for a week, then hope that goal start to begin to be a habit, while I concentrate on the next goal IYKWIM.

So where to start? I posted in Currently September how I wanted to get 7hrs sleep per night. Right now, I get considerably less. I start work at 4/5am three days per week & 7.30am on the fourth day. I'm going to bed around 10/11pm. What I need to do is go to bed earlier (preferably the same time every night), so I can get my min 7hrs sleep.

So based on getting 7hrs sleep per night, this week I will go to bed at 9pm Tues/Wed, 11pm Thurs & 8pm Fri. Hmmm! That may be a struggle, since the only me time I get is either when the kids go to their dad's house at night, or go to bed (see I am pulling out excuses already). But, I will try my best, to get 28hrs sleep in those 4 days.

As for tonight, Sat & Sun, I have to estimate when my mobile alarm clocks will wake me up. Lately, that's been around 7am, which gives me a midnight bedtime. Yawn, I hope it's earlier than that.

I already use Sleep As Android (screenshot right) to track my sleep duration & sleep patterns. Currently (for the last 14 days & on 6.5hrs sleep duration), I am averaging 5.09hrs sleep & am in deficit of 17.5hrs (no wonder I'm so tired).

Well, off to bed for me. Good Night & Sweet Dreams.
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