Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tell Me Thursday - Is there a Dr in the house?

I'm not sure if the Tell Me Thursday site is still active or not, but anyway...

What is Tell Me Thursday?

1. Participate in Wordless Wednesday.

2. On the following day (Thursday) write a blog post telling the story behind that week’s Wordless Wednesday photo.

After 12mths+ waiting, R finally had his tonsils & adenoids out.

He was such a little champ & back to normal the next day, apart from a sore throat, although he is off daycare for 2wks.


A was running around the house on Sunday & fell over on the tiles. He did complain about a sore hand, but went & had an afternoon nap, so I thought nothing of it.

He woke up from his nap hysterical, so he was taken to the only GP open at the time. They said it was a sprain, bandaged it up & said not to worry.

After daycare on Monday, his career suggested it get checked again. So after a trip to the local emergency care clinic, off he went to the nearest ED, where the x-rayed his arm & they found a fracture.

He goes back next Monday for a check up, but in the mean time, he's pretty proud of himself, but hasn't learnt.

He's still running around the house.
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